The CLEARAS team provides cost-competitive and sustainable advanced wastewater treatment solutions for client-partners in a variety of industries, each with their own unique set of concerns. Our ABNR solution helps these clients react to tightening discharge limits on a number of high-profile contaminants, to meet regulations now and in the future.

  • Long-term solution to permit compliance
  • Next-generation results for high quality water
  • Sustainable, non-chemical treatment
  • Flexible, scalable design that grows with your needs
Ease-of-integration with existing infrastructure ideal for applications such as pulp and paper facilities
A solution for regulatory compliance for facilities on protected watersheds such as aquaculture
Multi-constituent solution for industries facing changing regulations such as poultry production
Highest water quality re-use stream potential for manufacturing such as beverage production

Highlighted Projects

Inland Empire Paper Company

  • Location: Spokane, WA (EPA Region 10)
  • Facility Size: 3 MGD
  • Size of Clearas Demonstration: 43,200 GPD
  • Run Duration: 3 years to date, advancing stages of development
Inland Empire Paper discharges into the Columbia River basin, one of the most heavily regulated watersheds in the country facing TP discharge limits of 0.1 mg/L by 2017. With a track record of technological innovation and leading environmental stewardship in the pulp and paper industry, they partnered with Clearas as a sustainable and biological partner for long-term permit compliance.

Project Results

  • 0.13 mg/L
    Average Influent TP
  • 0.02 mg/L
    Average Effluent TP
    (84.6% Reduction)
  • N/A
    Average Influent TN
  • N/A
    Average Effluent TN