The CLEARAS technology provides cost-competitive and sustainable advanced wastewater treatment solutions for municipalities responding to tightening discharge limits and developing future-facing compliance strategies. Our ABNR solution helps these partner-clients remove high-profile contaminants from variable influent to meet current and future regulations.

  • Flexible design seamlessly integrates with existing infrastructure
  • A biological and chemical-free solution
  • Modular design scales to meet evolving needs
  • Competitive total cost of ownership
Greatest reduction of regulated nutrients for municipalities with the lowest TMDL requirements
Recycling of carbon and increased dissolved oxygen for regions impacted by agriculture
Best-in-class water quality for communities reclaiming water and facing water shortages
Multi-constituent solution for facilities responding to a range of high-profile contaminants

Highlighted Projects

Perrysburg Wastewater Treatment Plant

  • Location: Perrysburg, OH (EPA Region 5)
  • Facility Size: 5 MGD
  • Size of Clearas Demonstration: 16,000 GPD
  • Run Duration: July 2015 to October 2015
Discharging into Lake Erie via the Maumee River, the plant is facing increased scrutiny after recent Hazardous Algae Blooms (HABs). Perrysburg is a leading-edge solution seeker evaluating scalable, sustainable and chemical-free solutions as part of a comprehensive strategy for reducing nutrient loading in the Great Lakes.

Project Results

  • 0.251 mg/L
    Average Influent TP
  • 0.019 mg/L
    Average Effluent TP
    (92.4% Reduction)
  • 13.8 mg/L
    Average Influent TN
  • 12.14 mg/L
    Average Effluent TN
    (12.0% Reduction)

Upper Blackstone Water Pollution Abatement District

  • Location: Millbury, MA (EPA Region 1)
  • Facility Size: 45 MGD
  • Size of Clearas Demonstration: 16,000 GPD
  • Run Duration: April 2014 to October 2014
As a large treatment facility with nutrient loading significantly impacted by a number of industrial dischargers, Blackstone partnered with Clearas to explore the ABNRâ„¢ solution as a biological and sustainable alternative to chemical treatment options.

Project Results

  • 0.261 mg/L
    Average Influent TP
  • 0.015 mg/L
    Average Effluent TP
    (94.3% Reduction)
  • 5.05 mg/L
    Average Influent TN
  • 3.23 mg/L
    Average Effluent TN
    (36.0% Reduction)

Missoula Wastewater Treatment Plant

  • Location: Missoula, MT (EPA Region 8)
  • Facility Size: 8 MGD
  • Size of Clearas Demonstration: 16,000 GPD
  • Run Duration: 4 Years to date
Constantly seeking opportunities to improve upon existing processes and alternative wastewater treatment solutions, Missoula serves as the Clearas Process Development Center and is our partner in continuous performance and process improvement.

Project Results

  • 0.7 mg/L
    Average Influent TP
  • 0.03 mg/L
    Average Effluent TP
    (95.7% Reduction)
  • 8.0 mg/L
    Average Influent TN
  • 3.0 mg/L
    Average Effluent TN
    (62.5% Reduction)