CEO Jordan Lind Featured Speaker at PECC Sustainable Development & Circular Economy Seminar

BOZEMAN, MT - With the onset of the fall season, the first of a 2017-2018 series of international seminars focused on "Sustainable Development & Circular Economy" was held last month in Bozeman, Montana featuring CLEARAS CEO, Jordan Lind, addressing the critical role of water resources in global development. The event was co-hosted by the Pacific Economic Cooperation Council (PECC), the Maureen and Mike Mansfield Center, and Mansfield Academy of Global Leadership. Jordan shared insights with an audience of international government, research, business, and technology leaders about developing CLEARAS' game-changing Advanced Biological Nutrient Recovery (ABNR™) technology and building an innovative company set to help communities meet their sustainability goals around one of the defining resource challenges of our time. This was the second time which CLEARAS has been invited as the sole private industry water technology company to participate in a Mansfield global summit. Mansfield Director, Dr. Abraham Kim, underscored the importance of the event saying, "As we continue to convene these global leadership panels to discuss the grand challenges faced by all of us as part of the water-energy-food-health nexus, it's exciting to know that one of our own Montana companies is having an immediate impact addressing significant challenges within the water space." Dr. Kim continued, "It's evident to us that our next event should probably be dedicated to focusing on water resources to continue to enrich the conversations we've had here this week." Early planning regarding the potential for a similar global water conference sometime in 2018 is already underway with the support of the CLEARAS team.


CLEARAS is the leading provider of advanced, biological-based, water treatment technologies for municipal and industrial point source dischargers. Our proprietary technology leverages algae’s biological benefits in a carefully controlled and continuous flow environment that removes nitrogen, phosphorus and other harmful nutrients found in industrial water discharge and wastewater effluent. Visit www.clearaswater.com for more information.


PECC is a unique tripartite partnership of senior individuals from business and industry, government, academic and other intellectual circles. All participate in their private capacity and discuss freely on current, practical policy issues of the Asia Pacific region. Established in 1980, PECC now has 26 Member Committees, including one associate member, and two institutional members. Each Member Committee brings together leading thinkers, and decision makers from government and business in an informal setting to discuss and formulate ideas on the most significant challenges facing the Asia Pacific. It regularly develops and advocates regional policy initiatives to aid in the stable economic development of the region. PECC’s regional community building efforts led to the establishment of the official APEC process in 1989, the Council is one of the three official observers of the APEC process. PECC is policy oriented, pragmatic and anticipatory. Its work program aims for better cooperation and policy coordination in areas including trade, investment, and finance. For more information visit www.pecc.org.


The Maureen and Mike Mansfield Center is an academic unit of the University of Montana dedicated to enhancing mutual understanding between the United States and Asia and to fostering ethical public policy and leadership. The Center supports this mission by fostering university and community links with Asia and dialogue on issues facing the United States, Asia, and the world on matters of the economy, the environment, global development, and international relations. For more information visit www.umt.edu/mansfield/about/default.php.


The Mansfield Academy of Global Leadership is an international learning platform for current and emerging global leaders to expand cross-cultural understandings, strengthen leadership capabilities, form meaningful relationships and develop new expertise. The Mansfield Academy brings together interdisciplinary leaders to tackle tough global challenges in the cooperative and pioneer spirit of Maureen and Mike Mansfield. Through experiential and action learning opportunities in Montana, we provide the platform for leaders to build meaningful relationships with purpose and direction to impact our World for future generations. For more information visit www.mansfieldacademy.asia.

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Wednesday, October 25, 2017