Clearas Water Recovery Announces Distributor Partnership with Goble Sampson, Inc.

Missoula, MT – Clearas Water Recovery, Inc., a leading provider of proprietary and advanced biological wastewater treatment technology, today announced that it has selected Goble Sampson Associates to represent the patented Clearas Advanced Biological Nutrient Recovery (ABNR™) product line in the Pacific Northwest, including the states of Oregon, Washington and Northern Idaho. The Pacific Northwest is recognized within the U.S. as an environmentally sensitive region where the impacts of excessive nutrients and other pollutants can have a significant potential to impact both water quality and aquatic environments.

“Since its inception, Clearas has been sensitive to the importance of water quality in the greater Pacific Northwest” notes Jordan Lind, CEO of Clearas. Further, “The Pacific Northwest has been an important region for us where the development and optimization of the ABNR technology has been, and will continues to be, a priority. It is important to us to identify partners with organizations who can help advance the adoption of ABNR and that share our core values and understand the unique challenges which an innovative and disruptive technology can face in gaining market adoption. Goble Sampson Associates has demonstrated to us that they are the type of partner we value.”

Doug Allie, Vice President noted, “Goble Sampson recognizes the important role that new and innovative solutions can provide to the markets we serve. We have an established track record at helping to introduce new, innovative and disruptive technologies to meet the needs of our customers. We see the Clearas ABNR solution as a perfect fit to the growing challenges our customers face and look forward to the growing and mutually beneficial relationship.”

Goble Sampson Associates is a leading Manufacturers’ Representative of process equipment for Water and Wastewater Treatment covering the Western U.S. We represent over 50 premier companies that manufacture and supply innovative solutions that are reliable and economical for lifetime value. We are committed to provide cost effective solutions with a diversity of process equipment to municipal water, wastewater and energy markets. Visit www.goblesampson.com for more information.

Clearas is the leading provider of advanced, biological-based, water treatment technologies for municipal and industrial point source dischargers. Our proprietary technology leverages algae’s biological benefits in a carefully controlled and continuous flow environment that removes nitrogen, phosphorus and other harmful nutrients found in industrial water discharge and wastewater effluent. Visit www.ClearAsWater.com for more information.

Date (new): 
Thursday, May 5, 2016